Author Topic: JFK2 Installation in P3Dv5  (Read 3758 times)


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JFK2 Installation in P3Dv5
« on: November 25, 2020, 06:23:18 pm »
I installed P3Dv5 and also wanted to install JFK2 for it. When doing so, I received the message to install GSX first which I did.
When starting P3D after the GSX installation, I saw under add-ons, the addon manager as well as couatl setings and couatl live update.
However, when I installed JFK2, then the couatl entries in the add-on menu in P3D were gone.
When I wanted to register the JFK2 serial number, an error message appeared telling me that the couatl script does not work and that I should enable the Addon manager folder for the anti-virus software which I did.
I already de-installed both software and re-installed them again but with the same result.
Would someone please know what is wrong and what I should do to get it running.
Thanks so much.


PS: I installed both as administrator.


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Re: JFK2 Installation in P3Dv5
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2020, 05:14:13 pm »
Are you using an old installer for JFK ? If yes, or you are not sure, download the latest installer for JFK V2 and try again.

It's impossible JFK would cause issues to a GSX which was previous working: they install exactly the same software and they run the same updater which will download the same set of updated files from the same server.

It's possible your issue was caused simply because you ran the JFK installer when the simulator didn't shutdown completely. Try after a Windows restart.