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Author Topic: KJFK Light Squares/Boxes  (Read 216 times)
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« on: May 18, 2018, 12:56:57 AM »

Found an issue with KJFKv2 (in FSX) on a recent flight and the issue persists despite reinstalling both KJFK and Addon Manager, updating Couatl and clearing my shaders.  I had never experienced this in the past, so the only thing I can think is perhaps an update was downloaded when I installed P3D4 in mid-March (my last prior night flight involving KJFK was before that time).  Note that this only affects the lights on masts and GSX vehicles (to a far less noticeable extent); fortunately the runway and taxiway lighting appears as good as it always was.

I run in DX10 (with the fixer) - this issue does not appear with DX9 - but running DX9 is a no-go for me.  So if running in DX9 is the solution, then I'll live with it for the remaining time that I'll be running FSX (which will be until the Aerosoft A320 and QW757 updates are released, so hopefully not too much longer!).  Otherwise it appears to be a problem I haven't been able to remedy and perhaps noting it will help somebody else who is not moving on from FSX.

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