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Author Topic: KCLT GATE B9 JETWAY  (Read 871 times)
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« on: January 13, 2018, 05:25:34 PM »

GSX reports "No jetway can operate at this position".  CTRL J will also not activate the jetway.  Any reason for this?  Parked A321-231 IAE at proper gate for actual 1-09-18 2:32 PM AA426 KCLT to KPHX.  Was not able to board my wife, while simming her actual flight to Phoenix with her.  She was aboard my sim, though.   Grin   Could the problem be the A321 with 34.12m span, needing an 18 spot, being parked in a 400m TS24L Support Parking System, in a displayed 20m spot?Huh? John

SOLVED BY MYSELF:  FSX, in its superb wisdom, through the flight planner, placed the aircraft too far forward by the stripe closest to the building, instead of the stripe further away from the building.  Were the stop marks marked for specific aircraft (eg. B737, A318, A319, A321, as with most parking spots) I would have solved this situation a lot sooner.  Slewing the aircraft back to the correct position resolved this situation and the jetway activates perfectly.  By the way, the actual KCLT parking spots, particularly B9 have such parking designations painted at the parking spots, like at most airports.  This KCLT display does not.
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Retired (mostly tired) pilot (bus driver), whose Flight Surgeon declined to re-certify and bosses said to "go fishing", but still paying every month. Now simming familiar routes in an Airbus (fly-by-wire & only touch the knobs when ATC says so) "bring a good book". Cockpit should have online movies.
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