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Author Topic: GSX Installation Problems  (Read 707 times)
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« on: November 15, 2017, 02:37:34 AM »

I have succesfully installed GSX V2.2.0.1 after having uninstalled it previously. Setting up for the install, I changed the installation directory to E:\FSDreamTeam GSX from the suggested default c:\Program Files\Addon Manager.

After installation, and setting up a flight in FSX, under the ADDONS menu I have:
SODE 1.5.3
Couatl Settings
Couatl Live Update
Addon Manager (4.0.0.Cool

When I open Addon Manager, it advises that the GSX serial has been registerd, as well as Flightbeam KPHX. Flightbeam KPHX was uninstalled along with GSX, and is not yet installed. I proceed to deactivate both serials.

I proceed to install Flightbeam KPHX after closing FSX. The installation is successful.

I open up FSX to embark on another flight. I open up the ADDONS menu and find:
SODE 1.5.3
Couatl Settings
Couatl Live Update
Addon Manager (
Addon Manager (4.0.0.Cool

For some reason, I have two different versions of Addon Manager. I try to register the serials for both GSX and Flightbeam KPHX using Addon Manager but nothing registers. I enter the serial number but neither register ... no confirmation messages. I am however, able to regsiter both serials in Addon Manager All the confirmation messages are in order. KPHX scenery is stunning!

However, within a few minutes, a red texted message appears in FSX advising me my trial period for FlightBeam KPHX has ended.

I exit FSX and restart a new flight from KPHX. I am greeted with the message that the trial period has ended for KPHX. Where the detailed building should be are just black surface shadows. Charred footprints of where the detailed buildings should be.

Something is clearly not right. Please help me. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong to be getting two Addon Managers. I think they are conflicting with each other.

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« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2017, 09:15:36 AM »

Your double Addon Manager copy has been caused by having installed an outdated version of an FSDT or a Flightbeam product AFTER you installed a newer version that use the new shared Addon Manager location.

While running an updated installer after an outdated one will "migrate" all your products to the proper place, and clean up any previous Addon Manager installations, there's nothing we can do to retro-fit old installers which didn't know anything about the new installation structure, with a single Addon Manager folder shared in all supported sim.

This means, you must be sure you don't install anything using an outdated installer *after* having installed something using the new ones.

To fix everything, do as follows:

- uninstall EVERYTHING from FSDT and Flightbeam, including a possible "VIRTUALI Addon Manager X" entry.

- reply YES to the questions "Do you want to remove the Addon Manager?" or "Do you want to remove the Couatl scripting engine?" that are made at the end of the uninstall process.

- Download and install the current installers for ALL the FSDT/Flightbeam products you have

- Install ONLY the new installers. Never, ever, install something older on top of them.

- If you have the QW757 too, since there's no updated installer for it, the only precaution you must take is that, after you do all the uninstalling, you must install the QW757 first.

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