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Author Topic: TACAN/ILS  (Read 2612 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 21, 2019, 09:10:28 PM »

SUBS, that's correct above and I just read your DCS posts, you can google the operation of both SPN-41 and SPN-42 at the boat, and the various modes they use including one that will send flight control commands to your Hornet autopilot! Regardless, in MS flight sim, much like the work around for TACANs (military only function and many military aircraft only have a TACAN for secure ground based navigation), the ILS features are using the basic sim civilian ILS components (as PhantomTweak said, the basic Cessan features) to simulate the CILS/ACLS functions for Case III approaches. I'm sure most here that go out to the boat in the sim are familiar with the RFN gauges, another work around.

Back to the OP, I was just testing the Aerosoft Kitty Hawk in P3Dv4, no TACAN or ILS info. I then spawned a VRS Tacpack carrier nearby,  in this case the SBD USS Enterprise, assigned a TACAN and ILS. Loaded both freqs up on my mighty Tomcat and everything works fine.

How did you set your carriers up?

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« Reply #16 on: July 22, 2019, 08:26:59 PM »

In DCS there is not way to input a frequency for either TAC or CILS only CH #.
Aha! I know zilch re: DCS. I can only comment on the FSDT FSX BA F/A-18C (for FSX, of course Smiley ). I apologize for presuming that was the bird we were discussing.

In VRS's FA18E, it does allow ILS freq to be entered, but that is only "sim stuff".  TAC ch's only can be entered, it  does not have the ability to set TAC/VORTAC freq, one must convert TAC/VORTAC freq to ch # to enter into the a/c.
You are correct, it's "sim stuff", but the Sim Stuff has a lot of variety available.
BUT: I believe, although I am often mistaken, that the VRS bird uses some of the features from Mr. Rusev's HUD, so it can "pick up" certain carriers, TCN and ILS. Spawn the Nimitz v2 and you can use ch 57X or 112.00, either/or, or whatever you set the carrier's freqs in the TPM. Again, I am often mistaken. There are only a few boats that the HUD system has "installed", for others, you can use the RFN gauges, or the VRS TacPack system. Presuming, of course, the boat you desire is in the VRS system.
You can also spawn the desired boat with TacPack, or AICarriers.NET, which permits a wide variety of formations, as well as helicopter hoist loads, and so on. TP only permits spawning carriers, airborne tankers and so forth, but only one at a time, IIRC. No "formations".

So, all this really depends on what you want available. You want a carrier with a F/A-18E tanker orbiting overhead for refueling, TP works fine. Great for CQ work, with the possibility of getting shot down by the carrier's point defences, if you don't have your IFF set right. You want a formation of boats of various sorts, with hoistable loads aboard, AIC does the job nicely. Or a single for CQ work, without the tanker or point defences.

IN FSX (or SE) only, of course.

I do apologize for hijacking the thread. I will leave it alone now Smiley
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