Author Topic: Problem with Hold Short Node on Taxiway T  (Read 12240 times)


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Problem with Hold Short Node on Taxiway T
« on: February 01, 2016, 09:42:32 pm »
The Hold Short node on taxiway T (coming from the Hickam ramp to Runway 8L) appears to be to far from the start point of Runway 8L to allow some AI traffic to depart. The Taxi Point that is the problem is identified as

Latitude:   21.32613726   
Longitude:  -157.944327593
Index:  412

I have found that some AI traffic coming from Hickam (MIL_CARGO)and directed to takeoff on 8L will taxi to the this Hold Line and then sit there for a few minutes before disappearing.

I am using UT2 with a custom USAF database that I created and the aircraft is the MAIW C-17.

To confirm the problem was with the fsdreamteam PHNL, I turned it off in scenery and allowed the default PHNL to load - all military AI departed normally on 8L.

Using ADE, I adjusted the location of HOLD_SHORT_NO_DRAW Index 412 to: 21.325993342 -157.944165574 and all works fine now.

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