Author Topic: Reef Runway takeoff issue with AFCAD file  (Read 25277 times)


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Reef Runway takeoff issue with AFCAD file
« on: June 20, 2014, 03:57:37 pm »
I know this is a bit late but is there anything that can be done with the AFCAD file not setup for takeoff's on Runway 8R.  When I'm cleared for a departure runway it always assigns 8L when in reality 8R is the most used departure runway.  Can you go into the AFCAD and shutoff departures for 8L without breaking something?  Landings make more since on 8L as you are close to the terminal which is most used for arrivals.  I hope I've either missed an update or there's something I can adjust that won't break an otherwise great AFCAD file.