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GSX Support MSFS / Re: 2.9.2 Couatl64_MSFS.exe is broken
« Last post by RainerB on February 26, 2024, 05:43:55 pm »
Thanks for the Tip with the html extension. I had made only an Exception to the Programm Path in my Anti Virus Programm but I didn't hdt the exception for the Site*
Adding this to my Antivirus Program, now the update works.

GSX Support MSFS / Re: GSX Download Cancelling
« Last post by johannesheinz on February 26, 2024, 05:39:44 pm »

I just tried to download GSX through the installer, and when it gets to 99% it says you have selected to cancel download of this product without any prompting from me. I am not touching any keys or anything. I have tried several times but same result.

- I have no firewall on

- I have added the whole "Addon Manager" folder to the antivirus Exclusions. And also tried with turning the AV off.

Please help

I have the same problem:
I tried to download GSX Pro with Addon Manager to use the demo mode for my 2 fsdreamteam-airports, that I got directly from the fsdreamteam-shop to evaluate, wether to buy it. But after 99% of the download process  I too got a "you canceled the download" message.
Nor cleaning the caches of addon manager nor uninstalling plus reinstalling the fsdt-installer solved the problem for me.

Even the onew offline-installer for the addon-manager did not solve the problem - just tried it a few minutes ago without success...
GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: Jetways LPPT installation (FSX)
« Last post by srcooke on February 26, 2024, 05:11:03 pm »
GSX Support MSFS / Re: GSX error
« Last post by romoni on February 26, 2024, 04:11:04 pm »
Yes Harry320 - that was the trick and solution to this pproblem. Thank You!
GSX Support MSFS / Re: Couatl engine hasn't started - How to report a problem
« Last post by Baldeagle53 on February 26, 2024, 03:59:50 pm »
I ran the live update and then Coutal engine icon went blank and when I click on it I get the message:
C:\Program Files (x86) Addon Manager\coutal64\Coutal64_MSFS.exe
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable
How do I resolve this as FSDT is inoperable and was operating until I pressed the Live Update
GSX Support MSFS / Re: GSX error
« Last post by Harry320 on February 26, 2024, 03:18:34 pm »
after I excluded the Addon Manager folder, Couatl_Updater.exe and Couatl_Updater2.exe in Windows Defender,
the configuration of the FSDG Live update only ran without errors once. The next time it is there again.

When I restart the computer, I can run the configuration exactly once without errors.
GSX Support MSFS / Re: Simbrief connection error
« Last post by Murf on February 26, 2024, 03:13:07 pm »
I say again my last... Nope no spaces in it and my firewall allows couatl Scripting Engine..... That's pretty straight forward!!!

It won't be the first time somebody is sure of some setting, but it wasn't so. Also, I repeated it, because I suspected you might have not read my reply entirely because, it ended with:

Of course, if you posted a startup log, I would be able to tell you exactly what your problem is.

Since you haven't posted your startup log, you might as well missed the suggestion about checking the username. I'm awaiting your log which, as I've said, will clarlfy what the problem really is.

If you don't know how to create a log, it's on Page 34 of the GSX Manual.

You are correct... I didn't see you request the log.... Here it is!!
GSX Support MSFS / Re: GSX error
« Last post by Harry320 on February 26, 2024, 03:00:58 pm »
I have the same error as romoni.

Reinstalling GSX has not fixed the error.
GSX Support MSFS / Re: v2.9.2 2458Pe Staircase
« Last post by SN737 on February 26, 2024, 02:35:47 pm »
Sorry but those instructions are not clear for me in that thread
GSX Support MSFS / Re: GSX error
« Last post by imasysley on February 26, 2024, 02:24:15 pm »

and for my error problem?
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