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 on: Today at 06:27:59 PM 
Started by marknie - Last post by marknie
I am currently working on KPHX and It should be ready very soon. . .

 on: Today at 05:52:02 PM 
Started by Martyjr - Last post by Martyjr
"SODE works a bit differently when used with GSX"
Good to know.
I thought SODE was the same at all airports.

"Have you managed to exit from the sim with NO ERRORS in the content report .txt file ?"

Basicall, yes.
I tested the P3Dv4.4 default F22 at default airport (KVPS).
Got one error in content log. This error, per posts on P3D forum, has to do with FSUIPC.

error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - 1

No errors exiting P3Dv4.4 (as expected).

So, my Content error log errors and errors exiting P3Dv4.4 are from 3rd party products.
Still working on getting rid of all the Content errors at payware airports / payware aircraft.

I am going to do a few tests at other FSDT airports.
Maybe time to for me reinstall GSX / SODE and FSDT airports (one at a time).

I did another test.
I wanted to see the Content log from KPHX, PMDG777 and SODE dock/undock jetway.
There are errors in the log (see 4 typical errors below).

So, as far as I can tell KPHX has the same type of Content errors as FSDT airports.

Got many repeat errors of these four but no SODE error exiting P3D:

error=Gauge/Script Error
Type: Unknown
Name: Unknown
Error: PANELS lookup_var : SimVarGet Failed - Module_Var ID: "673".

error=Taxiway path with 0 width

error=Gauge/Script Error
Type: Unknown
Name: Unknown
Error: PANELS lookup_var : SimVarGet Failed - Module_Var ID: "280".

error=Gauge/Script Error
Type: Unknown
Name: Unknown
Error: PANELS lookup_var : SimVarGet Failed - Module_Var ID: "280".

I found out just now what is causing the (many) taxi path errors by reading here:
Taxi path error explained here in post by Gerard (GAAB) an IT guy :

 on: Today at 05:21:04 PM 
Started by ChuckOman - Last post by crauds

   You are stating exactly what I am asking for in my long post yesterday and today (UMBERTO PLEASE FIX THIS).  Having the services spawn early and simultaneously but wait their turn would eliminate the adjustment that GSX made to accommodate simultaneous activity.  I am convinced that whatever this adjustment was, it is the cause of the crazy paths the loaders are now taking.   The order that you propose is close to RW in my experience.  Usually fueling instead of catering is first service called by dispatch, then at least FO boards and begins preflight followed by cabin crew.  After fueling has completed and confirmed by dispatch and FO, fuel tanker departs and THEN catering can begin.  After catering is completed then passengers/baggage is loaded.  This is for smaller regional aircraft that attempt to do 30 minute turnarounds. Obviously heavier long-haul aircraft require longer fueling time and can carry large containers so cargo loading occurs in advance of passenger loading but that is too nitpicking for GSX and really not necessary for our simulation purposes in my opinion.

  The other matter I addressed in my post is that while hydrant pump trucks can park at various angles to the wing since they are much smaller and maneuverable, the large tankers when used for a gated aircraft approach from the rear (or at the side, for lower wing aircraft) as GSX had it originally.  There is no room for them to maneuver between stands to face the rear as GSX has it now.  I have never seen it in RW.  This is part of the accommodation that the latest updates have tried to provide and it just may be contributing to the problems.

    I also sent a copy of my AFCAD to Umberto but he could not duplicate the problem.  He posted a video of everything working correctly for him but I have FSX and he used P3D so maybe that is a factor, at least in my case.  I know there are subtle differences.   And of course, if he is using V4.4 (64 bit) then it is clearly not a true duplication of my scenario.


 on: Today at 04:19:39 PM 
Started by quentcor - Last post by Patrick1246
sounds good, maybe you can add a new feature for remote deice for all scenerys, so you can place the remote deice stands through GSX, and call for deice. Would add a lot of immersion. Smiley

 on: Today at 03:35:15 PM 
Started by virtuali - Last post by David Geden

I am in the process of evaluating your very fine product. My question relates to the green lights on the taxiway. I just see what looks like an inverted black T with a central green light. I usually manage to see one on the ground lit but plenty of the "T" unlit until I get closer. If I go to a virtual cockpit then the lights show as intended. I thought I must have a graphic card problem but I tried out KLAS where the taxi lights show up as intended in any view. The blue lights in LSZH are better lit than the ones in KLAS. I suppose I would like the blue lights from LSZH in KLAS and the green lights from KLAS in LSZH. Otherwise a great product with no hit on my frame rate.


Dave Geden

 on: Today at 03:01:25 PM 
Started by crauds - Last post by crauds
   The one factor we may not be addressing on this is that I am using FSX whereas you are using P3D.  Perhaps there is some difference in the way the programs use GSX(?)

    Whatever it is, something has changed because the crazy movement of the loaders that I (and several others who have posted) experience never occurred before the change to accommodate this "automatic" mode.  But from our discussions then, am I to assume that only the spawning position of the loaders has been changed?  How could that cause what I am experiencing?  But again you won't be able to answer that unless you are able to replicate it, will you?  So, I guess GSX has become a nonstarter for me, at least temporarily.

    And BTW, my point about fueling with passengers was not about fueling "with passengers aboard" which has always been allowed with safety precautions in place, but rather addressing the simultaneous "boarding of passengers" but most specifically loading baggage while fueling which would place this activity (which could cause a static spark) very close to the fueling which is not allowed.  But my whole point was to disagree that changing GSX to accommodate services and fueling at the same time was unnecessary and unrealistic.  But that was based on my assumption that the loader paths had been altered to accommodate this change and in hopes that you would change it back to what it was when it was working for me.  I have never used the "automatic" mode so that is not my issue.  But if only a few of us are experiencing this behavior then it is our burden, not yours.



 on: Today at 02:16:10 PM 
Started by vc-10man - Last post by vc-10man
Thanks for that heads-up. Appreciated.

Will check it out.

 on: Today at 01:40:19 PM 
Started by crauds - Last post by srcooke
Not wanting to flog the point Smiley

From CAP748:

Apron Safety Management
In  general,  passengers  should  be  disembarked  prior  to  the  commencement  of fuelling,   however   circumstances   might   prevail   where   this   is   deemed   to   be
impractical.  In  such  cases,  licensees should determine the risks  associated  with passengers  embarking,  disembarking or remaining  on  board  the  aircraft  during
fuelling, and should establish procedures to mitigate those risks.

These procedures should:
a)  be designed to enable the most rapid evacuation of passengers from the aircraft should the need arise;

b)  ensure  the  ground  area  into  which  passengers  would  evacuate  is  kept  clear  of equipment and obstacles;

c)  ensure vehicles attending the aircraft do not impede access to the site by Rescue and  Fire  Fighting  Service  (RFFS)  vehicles  and  personnel,  or  the  egress  of
passengers evacuating the aircraft;

d)  include appropriate attendance of RFFS;

e)  in the case of medical flights, take into account the ability, or inability, of the patient and attendant staff to effect a rapid evacuation from the aircraft;

f)  take into account the ability of those whose mobility is impaired to effect a rapid evacuation from the aircraft; and

g)  comply with the requirements of the Joint Aviation Authorities and the European Aviation Safety Agency

 on: Today at 01:29:42 PM 
Started by crauds - Last post by virtuali
That is incorrect and depends upon the fuel and certain criteria been met.

I think he referred to baggage loading while refueling but yes, GSX was always aware that refueling with passengers on board is allowed, under certain conditions, and it even has a specific message prompt for it. Basically, it is allowed to refuel with passengers on board, provided they can be quickly evacuated.

However, refueling with passengers *already* on board, might not be exactly the same thing as refueling while passengers *are boarding*

 on: Today at 01:25:56 PM 
Started by crauds - Last post by srcooke
ier from the front.

2.  Regarding simultaneous operations:  There are particular safety rules that apply.  You DO NOT load passengers or baggage while refueling!  Two main reasons:  Jet fuel is extremely flamable and a small spark could explode the plane.  And the other reason is to avoid fumes entering the aircraft.  Baggage carts and loaders should not be in motion in close proximity to the truck while it is fueling.


That is incorrect and depends upon the fuel and certain criteria been met.


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