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 on: Today at 04:27:38 PM 
Started by haza - Last post by haza

I get this error just after I realise brakes for pushback at WADD. FSX Steam, WADD from Aerosoft. Tried old reinstall, try reinstall with latest data. PMDG 747 v3

Keeps crashing which is a shame.

couatl v3.1 (build 3625)
panic log started on Thu Feb 23 15:24:28 2017

problem raised by addon <unknown>
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "couatl\common\fsm.py", line 73, in executeDoFuncToCompletion
  File "couatl\GSX\assistanceServices\pushBack.py", line 343, in do
  File "couatl\GSX\assistanceServices\pushBack.py", line 313, in makeRegularPath
IndexError: pop from empty list
{'Airport': 'WADD', 'Requested assistance services at': 'Gate 18', 'User Pos': (-8.745542870178166, 115.16606802972908, 7.92224 m, 3.92224 m, 357.70726410726064)}

 on: Today at 04:21:59 PM 
Started by 413x3 - Last post by 413x3
That is the part confusing the pushback?

Not sure what do you mean with "confusing" it. How the program could possibly know it could pushback as you wanted, if there's no node it could push to ?

There's a simple reason why GSX always want to use an existing node: so it can assume (we can only hope) that if a scenery developer placed a path node in some place, there's aren't any buildings or other obstructions in that place, because that would result in AI crashing into something too so, if there's a node, we can assume it's safe to go there.

What we are surely planning to add in the future, is the ability for, at least for the Custom Pushback option (not the default automatic one), to let you specify any Lat/Lon coordinates, not necessarily those of an existing node, so you could at least solve these borderline cases with a custom pushback, without having to change the AFCAD.

I am not a programmer, so I do not know how this would be setup. I thought that GSX would see what the main ramp taxiway was, and that this gate was to push back to that.

I did this and it works but pushback pushes me too far back since it always wants the aircraft to be even with the parking spot line

 on: Today at 04:16:21 PM 
Started by Justin133 - Last post by Justin133
I've restart windows and Task Manager SODE tells me, it's not running before open the sim, after the error is one SODE into the chart, after closing the sim, īthe SODE is closed too.

 on: Today at 03:59:18 PM 
Started by JDLinn - Last post by JDLinn
Thank You!

 on: Today at 03:58:07 PM 
Started by JDLinn - Last post by JDLinn
Is there a way to only install XPOI and be able to turn it on and off?  I don't want all the other stuff that it puts into the sim. Also, when you turn it off, you are using "disable addon" which kills the whole thing. Is there any way just to turn off XPOI so it doesn't show (like if you are landing?)

Thank you
Doug Linn/RTMM

 on: Today at 03:34:25 PM 
Started by virtuali - Last post by alphaklg

 on: Today at 12:59:50 PM 
Started by Blayden1978 - Last post by Blayden1978

Since the latest updates I'm finding boarding times are much shorter than expected. The boarding times are set to 3 seconds per passenger which equals 5 mins per 100 passengers. In the Airbus A319 passenger boarding is very quick. Maybe just 1 or 2 mins (not actually timed it). Passengers are now all boarded before the cargo even starts loading. I haven't changed my settings at all, only updated GSX.

Also with the A319, the rear cargo loading doesn't seem to line up quite correctly. Seems to be at a slight off angle. As the cargo gets loaded onto the aircraft and moves through the cargo bay it also clips outside the hull. Only noticed this since the latest updates as well but don't know how long it's been like this.

Neither is a big issue, but just thought I would report it.

 on: Today at 11:58:18 AM 
Started by kui5566 - Last post by kui5566

if you look at the picture the truck is missing while the person inside is driving it.

any solution to solve this?

 on: Today at 10:19:07 AM 
Started by Emi - Last post by Emi
I'm afraid there is no default aircraft in P3Dv3 that has a range long enough to replicate my crashes.
I'd need something with a range of about 5000NM. Since they took out the default 747 from FSX there is no such aircraft to do this kind of check. In fact there is no airliner at all.

Would you have a suggestion for one that works?

 on: Today at 02:32:36 AM 
Started by bachian - Last post by normanblackburn
Sorry for the delay in replying.  Is that still the case?

I also checked the positions for water and waste and have moved those to the correct position on the aircraft.

fuelpos = 10.25 -2.92 -0.75
waterpos = -0.50 -14.50 -1.75
lavatorypos = -0.50 -14.25 -1.75

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