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 on: Today at 05:07:03 AM 
Started by efpg0708 - Last post by efpg0708
Hello guys

Purchased GSX from simmarket.com and I'm loving the product, buy my docking system (the Marshalling guiding the plane into the gate) doesn't work at all. He just stands still and when I cut the engines he walks away. tested with a lot of planes and the result was the same. What could be wrong ?



 on: Today at 04:12:34 AM 
Started by Orion - Last post by Essex
The first thing that came to mind is a menu option, something like 'Turn into wind', which could be followed by another submenu to choose the desired WOD...

What do you think? Is it difficult?

Have a look at this

 on: Today at 04:10:09 AM 
Started by Sludge - Last post by Essex
-TacPack can be painful to implement (well... for slow guys like me anyways...lol).  I am at my wit's end with what we have now and would need help and access to certain source coding that I currently do not have to push any further.  NVGs MIGHT be doable though... I'll look into it when I get a little time.

It may be of interest that ModelConverterX has been significantly upgraded in recent months.
I don't have TacPack, but I believe new weapons can now be merged into the model and relevant visibility conditions applied, time consuming work however.
Also, I haven't tested it but the pilot's head animation should also now be retained.

 on: Today at 03:18:04 AM 
Started by Orion - Last post by Orion
Possible?  Sure.  Difficult?  Depends.

To avoid a crosswind the deck angle offset would need to be known.  Maintaining an internal lookup seems troublesome; instead, I could read a new entry from the configuration files, but that would require users to define the deck angle for each boat.  I suppose if the entry is missing I could assume no angled deck and put the boat straight into the wind, but that seems like bad user experience if users fail to make the modifications when there is an angled deck.

Also, since AI Carriers .NET is almost identical to AICarriers2r2, the main menus aren't very extensible.  It probably wouldn't be too troublesome in this situation since there's room for one more option (since SimConnect text menus only have space for 10 options and only 9 are currently used), but additional changes beyond that may present a challenge.

Additionally, AICarriers2r2 (and thus, AI Carriers .NET) uses throttle to set the boat movement.  To be able to have the secondary menu to select wind over deck would likely require implementing a PID controller (or similar), which may need to be configured per boat (as the acceleration/deceleration constants may differ).  It might be possible to set the AI DESIRED SPEED variable and let the AI system control the boat, but from what I recall, using that resulted in small variations in speed, and there were some instances where the boat would yield to the user (i.e. stop each time the user taxied forward of the center of the model).

Like AICarriers2r2, AI Carriers .NET remains open source software.  However, while AICarriers2r2 is public domain, AI Carriers .NET is available under The MIT License.  Anyone is free to modify and submit pull requests with improvements should they desire. Smiley

 on: Today at 02:04:01 AM 
Started by Sludge - Last post by Kea
I'd recently noticed a mistake in some of the textures I've done - namely the right-side intake warning was upside down. I've attempted to correct that and so new texture sets are available for the following:

NSAWC (C and D models) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_KeMXMmL3b3Zzc4X29vWkh5QzQ
Royal Canadian Air Force (C and D) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_KeMXMmL3b3ckNKX2xuTkNUbTA
Finnish Air Force (C and D) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_KeMXMmL3b3SGlSdHZXelFuMzQ
Swiss Air Force (C and D) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_KeMXMmL3b3Zk5JdzV6RXpJcmM
Royal Malaysian Air Force (D only) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_KeMXMmL3b3NlhXSl9jLXZwSGc

The RAAF textures were unaffected by this glitch (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_KeMXMmL3b3V2V0am4wRXV1aUk).

Any problems with these, just sing out, either by PM or here on the forums.

 on: February 06, 2016, 10:15:24 PM 
Started by Sludge - Last post by Orion
- What keystroke enables/disables ATC?

Here are some additional notes on Automatic Throttle Control:

Some notes on Automatic Throttle Control (ATC):
  • In addition to AUTO_THROTTLE_ARM (Shift+R by default) you can use the ATC button on the hard to click side of the throttle
  • Approach mode and cruise mode are completely independent of powered approach and up and away modes used for the flight controls (conditions below)
  • Approach mode ATC is only engaged with the flap switch in HALF or FULL and the trailing edge flaps extended at least 27
  • Cruise mode ATC is only engaged with the flap switch in AUTO
  • Approach mode ATC will attempt to hold on speed (8.1 degrees) AoA
  • Cruise mode ATC will hold knots true airspeed
  • Normal disengagement conditions (either mode)
    • Pressing the ATC button or AUTO_THROTTLE_ARM (Shift+R by default)
    • Either throttle position differs from position at which ATC was engaged by more than 10% on the throttle axis
  • Automatic disengagement conditions (approach mode):
    • Flap AUTO up
    • Trailing edge flap deflection less than 27
    • Weight on wheels
    • FCS reversion to MECH or to DEL in any axis (i.e. spin recovery switch)
    • Left and right throttle positions differ by more than 10% of throttle axis
    • Bank angle exceeds 70
  • Automatic disengagement conditions (cruise mode):
    • Flaps HALF or FULL
    • FCS reversion to MECH or to DEL in any axis (i.e. spin recovery switch)
    • Left and right throttle positions differ by more than 10% of throttle axis
    • Weight on wheels
  • When either mode is engaged, changing the flap switch between AUTO and HALF or FULL automatically disengages the system.
  • If the system is disengaged for any reason, it remains disengaged until reengagement is initiated by the pilot.

Also an important passage from NATOPS:

Quote from: 8.1.11 ATC Approach Mode Technique
The technique required for an ATC approach mode differs from a manual approach in that all glideslope corrections are made by changing aircraft attitude. Since this technique violates the basic rule that altitude/glideslope is primarily controlled by the throttle, practice is required to use ATC.

 on: February 06, 2016, 08:59:34 PM 
Started by Sludge - Last post by mikewmac
Hey Gents,

Thanks for the good words and feedback.  Much appreciated.


I shot down a couple of aircraft with the A2A gun, but for some reason I haven't yet been able to get the A2A Sidewinders or AMRAAMs to fire, but am still trying to figure out what I might be doing wrong. As a quick check, mid flight I substitued in my VRS F-18E and its A2A Sidewinders and AMRAAMs fired and shot down some pesky aircraft before they could escape.
-Just tested the A2A systems again to make sure something didn't happen to them.  They still work on my end.  Successfully shot down a drone with an AIM-9 at about 3 miles and another drone with an AIM-120 at about 10 miles during my quick tests.  Guns are engaged using the TRIGGER, while the rest are deployed by using the PICKLE button.  Also, please make sure you are using a variant that is armed with these weapons.  Variants such as the CLEAN, TRAINING and BLUE ANGELS will not fire missiles or drop bombs as they are not armed with such.


A fellow on the VRS Forums had had a similar problem with the guns firing and the missiles not firing on another FSX aircraft with TacPack integration and had solved it by reinstalling TacPack, so, since I hadn't yet installed TacPack v1.4.2.7, I installed this latest version and voila, now both the gun and the missiles all fire. I just flew a modern day version of the Marianas Turkey Shoot and both the sidewinders and AMRAAMs fired perfectly and were deadly accurate as I knocked a half dozen or so AI F-18E's out of the sky.  Grin

Both the afterburner and lex vapor effects are still a bit flaky at first when using TacPack, but once they start working they seem to stay working.  Wink

Thanks again to you and your team for a great package.  Smiley

 on: February 06, 2016, 08:07:31 PM 
Started by Sludge - Last post by ExNusquam
I've been unable to get the A/A sidewinders to lock on to anything, what's the procedure on that?

When selecting Zuni rockets (CTRL+SHIFT+7) the HUD mode defaults to A/A mode. Manually changing it to A/G works.

The CCIP for the A/G weapons seems to indicate impact point for dumb bombs regardless of the weapon selected. Bombs also seem to impact long repeatably; is the HUD using the TacPack provided CCIP values?

I've been able to get a reliable crash by selecting the ACL page with a valid GPS waypoint and "WPT" boxed on the HSI; this might be a bug in the original FSDT hornet avionics and not your problem.

Great work on the update!

 on: February 06, 2016, 02:50:30 PM 
Started by Orion - Last post by Paddles
While working on a new vLSO version I came to an idea of adding a new vLSO add-ons menu option, allowing to spawn a carrier near the user's aircraft. I wanted this part of the program to count carrier's heading and speed so that the ship would sail into the wind with the resulting WOD blowing straight down the angled deck, with the desired speed. But very soon I found myself re-inventing the already existing wheel. It's AI Carriers' business, right? Grin And then I thought wouldn't it be easier to add this feature to the existing AI Carriers .NET program rather than having two different add-ons, which side-by-side implement almost the same functionality?

The first thing that came to mind is a menu option, something like 'Turn into wind', which could be followed by another submenu to choose the desired WOD...

What do you think? Is it difficult?

 on: February 06, 2016, 02:33:19 PM 
Started by Dimon - Last post by Dimon

Any update on KATL?

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