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GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: Transfering to FSX Steam
« Last post by Cfoley on Today at 05:24:14 pm »
In the FSX Steam Add-on menu bar, just Level-D Simulations and FSUPC is listed in the sub menu.

GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: Sunk Jetways
« Last post by srcooke on Today at 05:03:56 pm »
Having applied the update of 7th December the floating jetways at EDDH remain upon arrival and there is also no change to the previously reported issue of Simwings scenery's using ADEV5 afcads.
GSX Support MSFS / Re: No baggage for the DC-3
« Last post by alquivir on Today at 04:35:49 pm »
also not really close as too many cargo doors.
Also, the height etc... I was trying to add embedded but impossible..
GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: GSX Couatl Constant Restarts
« Last post by Papacoach on Today at 04:25:44 pm »
Curious about this: MsgWaitForMultipleObjects Failed with error 87
Many of us have the same issue - will there be a fix soon ?

We don't know what's causing it and there are too many different reports so, even if the effect seems the same, the causes might be different. That's why I asked trying without the Navdata, to at least trying to isolate that case.

Entering/exiting VR is another issue, and it's known to have side-effect to Simconnect add-ons that lose connection, not just GSX.

Many of us have the same issue - will there be a fix soon ? 
GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: GSX Couatl Constant Restarts
« Last post by grouner on Today at 02:45:36 pm »
Just started up P3D at KORD this morning. Everything appears to be working. Wish I (we) knew what happened but thankful it is working now.
General Discussion / Pushback Walker won't cross the airplane anymore.
« Last post by jkanold on Today at 02:30:48 pm »
THX for the fix.
Los Angeles support FS9 / Re: Activation Problems
« Last post by virtuali on Today at 12:37:41 pm »
Don't do anything other than installing the updater Stand-Alone Addon Manager for FS9 as the last thing you do. Don't replace files, don't use old files, don't do anything manually, only install that AFTER all sceneries.

I edited your post removing the wrong links, because they are outdated, and are left there just to allow older installers finding them without errors, but they don't work anymore, because they are for Esellerate, which closed in 2019. ONLY the latest FS9 Addon Manager contains the updated files, and you MUST install it as the LAST thing you do.
You must install the updated Stand-Alone Addon Manager for FS9, as the LAST thing you do:
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