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 on: Today at 12:38:26 AM 
Started by jhaley - Last post by jhaley
Was adding gates to an airport scenery, everything was going quite nicely.    However, about the 10th time, I added a slightly different type of gate and ran into crash of couatl and this error:

couatl v3.2 (build 4376)
panic log started on Mon Jul 13 18:34:48 2020

problem raised by engine or unspecified addon
{'Airport': 'CYWG', 'User Pos': (49.90896568898956, -97.22700102972718, 236.353 m, 3.3528 m, 135.0990035409244)}

I'd like to fix it and not necessarily nuke all the other bridges I made.      Problem is, as soon as I restart Couatl, the gates appear for a flash second and then crash.......with the same error
Suggestions, I attached the ini............last gate I was working on at CYWG (Simaddons) was gate 3

P3d V4.5

Thanks, enjoying all the great features of adding gates!

 on: July 13, 2020, 09:26:40 PM 
Started by leha76 - Last post by Fer
Well is there a fix for this I mean the Id fail for Ejets? Or does anybody knows a support page for GSX?

 on: July 13, 2020, 04:22:49 PM 
Started by SamuelHeine - Last post by SamuelHeine
I am just saying.
The only reasons I have had CTDs in P5D so far has been when I have been interacting with GSX. I use Activesky and others, they have not caused problems so far...
Just saying Smiley

 on: July 13, 2020, 03:14:08 PM 
Started by airbadger - Last post by airbadger
The marshaller surely disappear, the only difference is if he's on a ladder, it will disappear immediately, and when he's not, it will first walk away and then disappear.

I think what you have in your screenshot is the marshaller still waiting for you to park, because he's still doing the close up gesture, when if he realized you should stop, he would do the cut engine animation instead.

I don't remember this behavior happening in the past. If I parked just a bit short, the marshaller would still eventually give the engine cut gesture and then disappear. In this instance, the marshaller never disappeared, and instead stood in that position for 10+ minutes.

 on: July 13, 2020, 11:39:46 AM 
Started by gary20 - Last post by Jax
Man,I Hope they can plan for the D model..... Please lol

 on: July 13, 2020, 12:17:32 AM 
Started by airbadger - Last post by airbadger
KCLT uses SODE jetways, but they are an earlier model, not available in all kind of variations as the GSX L2 ones, so on that particular gate, the jetway is a bit long, so the Stop position ( can be customized in GSX ), should probably be moved a bit back.

We are revisiting all our existing sceneries with better GSX profiles ( the one for KCLT was made before GSX L2 came out, so it has less features ), we'll look at KCLT as soon as possible.

I appreciate that, thank you.

 on: July 12, 2020, 11:44:58 PM 
Started by mulgrave - Last post by virtuali
All other addons are there except GSX2. So I exit p3D5, remove GSX2 via windows uninstall, reinstall GSX2,  live update is run automatically.

This is surely entirely unnecessary. I'm fairly sure what is fixing the problem is the FSDT Live Update, which is also resetting some wrong registry entries either mistakenly set by another add-on, or by Windows itself, sometimes just because the sim crashed.

So, next time it happens, try doing JUST the FSDT Live Update, don't reinstall anything.

 on: July 12, 2020, 11:41:02 PM 
Started by Danny24626 - Last post by virtuali
Have Also Found Out  (With Event Viewer) That Couatl.exe Was Causing The Crash, As You Said "GSX Is The Victim" But I'm Not So Sure With All Due Respect I Think That GSX Is Not The Victim But The Problem Because I Have Singled Out All Other Factors That Would Interfere With GSX

You haven't found out anything. Your log only shows that Couatl crashed. As explained so many times an external .EXE CANNOT CRASH THE SIM. This is not something open to discussion, it's a fact. External .EXE cannot access the memory of another program, which means Couatl.EXE CANNOT CRASH THE SIM.

The opposite, instead, it's possible. Since it's the sim that starts Couatl.exe, even if Couatl.exe CANNOT affect the sim, they are in communication so, if the sim crashes ( FOR OTHER REASONS ) it will MAKE Coautl crash, because when the sim crashes, it will close the communication with the add-ons modules it connected with abruptly, so they will crash because of this.

If you check the Event viewer, I'm sure you'll see another crash event for Prepar3d.exe. Check the TIME, I'm fairly sure it happened a bit before the Couatl.exe crash event, and this should your proof ( since you apparently don't believe my correct explanation that an .EXE cannot crash the sim ), that it was the simulator that MADE Couatl crash, not the other way around, which is impossible.

So, I can only repeat my latest suggestion:

- Uninstall the sim from the Windows Control Panel

- Remove ALL these folders:

%APPDATA%\Lochkeed Martin\Prepar3D V4
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Lochkeed Martin\Prepar3D V4
%PROGRAMDATA%\Lochkeed Martin\Prepar3D V4

- Reinstall using the latest P3D4 FULL installer.

- Install GSX and test it BEFORE installing anything else.

I'm sure that, once you'll do that, everything will work again, so you'll be convinced the problem was elsehwere.

 on: July 12, 2020, 11:32:08 PM 
Started by Alabamaboy - Last post by virtuali
We haven't changed or updated the installers after you reported it worked after clearing your browser cache so, it must again a problem on your end, as it was before. I can only repeat and confirm the installers that are online downloads correctly and installs with no errors.

If they really weren't, we would have tons of similar reports by now, since we have hundreds of downloads per day.

 on: July 12, 2020, 11:29:44 PM 
Started by disco79stu - Last post by virtuali
since v5 the little side doors showing the refueling panel (quantity, price and other infos etc.) don't open anymore during refueling.

As explained here:



Since the fuel numbers were also made in DX11 ( which P3D V5 doesn't support anymore ), all features that use it will not work, until we'll add support for DX12.

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