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GSX Support MSFS / Re: Missing Animations
« Last post by Captain Kevin on Today at 03:53:02 am »
Any help here?
Keep in mind it's a weekend.
GSX Support MSFS / Re: Cannot start MSFS anymore
« Last post by aal757 on Today at 03:17:41 am »
Sorry for not mentioning that part. When MsFS is still starting, I will click on the Couatl.exe. So before the main menu. It would always crash after I setup the flight, then click Fly. The bar would go then I get the dreaded CTD.
GSX Pro - Airport profiles / KSEA Sea-Tac - Orbx
« Last post by Flightdoc on December 03, 2023, 11:59:05 pm »
This is a mod of the AVSIM profile because many of the VDGS systems were misplaced. All the N gates and D gates are completed. Tweaking vehicle placement and aircraft stop points also.

I have added two de-icing stands by the fire stations. 'A' gates are now updated with walker paths and the bus will not show up there. SU14 tested.
GSX Pro - Airport profiles / CYLW Kelowna - ORBX
« Last post by Flightdoc on December 03, 2023, 11:57:42 pm »
Updated INI file for GSX adds custom walker profiles to the two walk-in gates. Tested in SU14.
GSX Support MSFS / No Bluetooth audio devices recognized
« Last post by woodstock327 on December 03, 2023, 11:37:10 pm »

I'm using AirPods with MSFS, and when I go to the audio settings in GSX they do not show up as an audio device, so I do not have any sound from GSX. It's not specific to the AirPods, I tried a different Bluetooth headset too and this didn't get recognized either.

Does GSX not support Bluetooth audio at all, or is there any solution to make this work?

GSX Support MSFS / Re: Cannot start MSFS anymore
« Last post by waltch on December 03, 2023, 10:43:51 pm »
Thank you for your input that I would like to try. Just a question for clarification:
I guess you mean the "Start Couatl for GSX MSFS". When do you exactly start this manually?
- after the launch of MSFS before the Main Menue of MSFS is there or
- after you launch the flight you selected in the World Map? (before MSFS crashes to the desktop)
GSX Support MSFS / Re: GSX menu only "flashes" then disappears
« Last post by 7rip7e_7 on December 03, 2023, 09:53:29 pm »
So I'm not the only one experiencing issues.
GSX Support MSFS / Re: Cannot start MSFS anymore
« Last post by aal757 on December 03, 2023, 07:32:33 pm »
       I have this issue as well. My fix is once you launch MSFS, wait a bit the manually start the coutal (sorry if spelled incorrectly). Also make sure you run as Admin.
GSX Support MSFS / Re: Missing Animations
« Last post by craigt47 on December 03, 2023, 05:59:52 pm »
Any help here?
Zurich V2 for MSFS / LSZH FSLTL-Traffic
« Last post by Yapoyapo2 on December 03, 2023, 05:18:28 pm »
Good day.

I really love flying from LSZH since it is my homebase. But unfortunately I‘m a bit sad because of the parking spots. If I adjust the wingspan of some planes in FSLTL then I can see about 7 longhaul planes parked in gate A (altough its a gate for short haul planes), while in gate E (which is actually a long haul gate) I can only see 1-2 longhaul planes. This is a pretty immersionkiller for me. Is there no possible way that you could adapt some gate sizes? Or is there a way I can improve this thing on my own and how?

It would be awesome if you could help me with my problem:(. I would love to see Gate E full of long haul planes. I know you haven‘t an influence on how the traffic will behave due to the limitations of the flightsimulator but at other airports like KEWR, KBOS, KJFK etc. the parking spots for the traffic seems to be closer to the reality. So please help me, the smallest adjustment & clue would be helpful.

Kind regards.
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