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GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: Installation issues
« Last post by barrykensett on Today at 01:10:31 pm »
Screenshot here
GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: Passengers Boarding/Deboarding
« Last post by virtuali on Today at 09:27:08 am »
This has been discussed so many times on the forum and yes, it's planned.

However, keep in mind that, while it might be "simple" for us to add the core capability in GSX, it's basically impossible to do it in a way that would "just work" at any airport so, it will require an EXTENSIVE user customization, because for each of those gates, you'll have to specify some kind of path with waypoints (like a custom pushback) for passengers to walk to, and this for every airport that has this kind of gates.
GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: invalid server data
« Last post by virtuali on Today at 09:20:56 am »
Gsx will not appear or open with all but one add on plane and only at certain add on airports gsx works ive ran the live update already today and can't see anything in the log the menus are unresponsive and then just disappear.

So, enable Logging using the "one" airplane that works on the "certain" airport that works too, then exit and restart.

Next session, go to a place where you think it's crashing, and after it does, exit the sim and check the COUATL.LOG file in %APPDATA%\Virtuali

ZIP the log and Attach it to a post.
Key West Support / Re: Fort Jefferson Missing **SOLVED**
« Last post by virtuali on Today at 09:20:11 am »
So are you saying that there is a newer version that corrects the issue; but it hasn't yet made it to the marketplace?  If so, that's good news.  What's the latest version number?  I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it and report back if it resolves the problem.

Yes, we don't have much control on the time it takes for Microsoft to release updates.

By the way, I'll agree not to open duplicate threads if you agree not to mark threads as solved before they're actually solved....

The problem which is the subject of this thread, which is the Ft. Jefferson missing, IS solved in fact. Your problem is just that Microsoft hasn't released it on the Marketplace yet but, since the thread here is to the benefit of everyone, saying it's solved IS the correct information.

Fact that updates are dramatically backlogged on the Ms Marketplace, is fairly well known and not by any means specific to us.
GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: Installation Issue on p3dV5.2 last hotfix.
« Last post by virtuali on Today at 09:13:25 am »
Something very wrong is happening on your system, and it really seems caused by the antivirus/firewall which is causing the following problems:

- It blocked access to the executable ( the "access denied error" )

- It prevented the installer to even download the files or it removed them after download ( the "missing disk" error )

Try after a Windows restart and, before doing anything else, remove the Documents\GSX_Installer folder, then be SURE ( absolutely sure ) the antivirus and/or firewall is not blocking anything, and try again.
GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: Installation issues
« Last post by virtuali on Today at 09:09:26 am »
If you can't describe the error better, then post a screenshot of it.
GSX Support FSX/P3D / Re: Couatl error
« Last post by virtuali on Today at 09:08:43 am »
Your post is very unclear. What do you mean with:

- "Fsupdate" - Which update and which sim you are referring to ?

- "ORBX errors out right away" - Which errors, exactly, and where ?

- "de3fault airport works without Coautl errors." - So, which "Couatl errors" you are referring to ?

Whenever you report an error, you should always post the error log, one that is made AFTER you enable Logging in the Troubleshooting section of the GSX Settings, so it will include more detailed information we need to know what's going on.
Installed GSX plus GSX2 and updated as of date of this post, so everything should be the latest, after I had uninstalled due to previous problems with new version. Installation apparently went fine, but GSX does not even show up in P3D menu. Please advise.

EDIT: This was apparently my fault in installation. It now shows up and works as expected. If I run into the earlier problems, I'll revisit this issue here. Thank you.
GSX Sharing area - Scenery Configs / RKSI LeAerodesign
« Last post by cmdn on September 23, 2021, 10:58:24 pm »
Hi everyone,

I own RKSI from Leaerodesign, a few jetways are missing at the parking stand 258 259 and 260. I would like to add them. I am a beginner with GSX config so a little help would be greatly appreciated.
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