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Title: Problem loading PHNL in FS9
Post by: richiemo on November 14, 2021, 05:56:11 am
Gang - I'm really struggling. I previously purchased PHNL and had it up and running. Somewhere along the line I bought new computer, and now, sev years later, am trying to reinstall PHNL. I uploaded the file of the FSDT site, then when I loaded PHNL for a flight the demo version was up and running. Then I hit alt-ctrl to reduce the screen for the add-on manager (which apparently is required in FSDT add-on) and it asks for serial number. I put in that number which I had originally gotten when I first purchased PHNL. It crashed FS9. Then I say, well let me try to repurchase it, I figure what the heck. I select "buy" of the add-on menu and, it crashes my system. So basically I have the demo version up but the addon manager neither takes the original serial code nor allows me to go out and re-purchase it.  I had written on this few months back then gave up. Is there a problem with the addon manager I have. Is it out of date? If you've helped me with this before please be patient, I struggle with this.
Title: Re: Problem loading PHNL in FS9
Post by: richiemo on November 14, 2021, 06:10:54 am
Minutes after my original post I read that I had to reload the FSDT addon manager. So I went to the website and re-launched it. Not only doesn't it work, but when I bring FS9 back up, it's the FS9 9.0 version. How do I know? Cause when I try to put the serial number in and it crashes, it says "FS9 9.0" has stopped working. BUT I HAVE 9.1. And what I noticed when I opened up FS9, I could see the picture of the airplane I had chosen spinning in the display box of my flight setup screen. That doesn't happen at 9.1. So not even adding the supposed updated addon manager has helped here. Very frustrating.
Title: Re: Problem loading PHNL in FS9
Post by: virtuali on November 16, 2021, 03:37:11 pm
It's not obviously possible that installing our software would "revert" your FS9.1 to 9.0, we surely are not including any of the original files from Microsoft in our installer.

A common mistake FS9 users do who are convinced to have installed 9.1 ( because they installed the 9.1 patch ), is to later on install a NOCD crack made for FS9.0, which creates a mixedup version, because you have all the .DLLs from 9.1 ( I'm assuing you had installed the patch), but the .EXE from 9.0, because it was replaced by the NOCD.

So, if you use a NOCD, be absolutely sure it's for 9.1. I assume the window that says "FS9 9.0 has stopped working" it's the normal Windows error report dialog so, clearly, you DO have 9.0, at least the .EXE is.