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Title: Can not activate
Post by: fusionft3 on October 24, 2019, 10:12:33 AM
I bought KORD for FS9 on web.
And I executed Activation procedure as describe FSdt_install_guide.pdf.

First, I installed KORD for FS9, then launch FS9 and put Serial for "Resister Serial" and Pressing OK button.
But, not happen anything and KORD is still "Trial mode".

Second, I tried activate from " Reinstall"
Dialog window for input serial is appeared, But not happen after input serial and Pressing OK button. Same as "Resister Serial" mode.

Finally, I tried "buy".
But, "Software Delivery Wizard" display message as "eSellerate Server reports error "I don't understand 'CATALOG'".(See Attach1)
After press OK, display message as "Buying procedure not completed for FSDreamteam Chicago Ohare  No transaction has been made."(See Attach2)

It looks like buy/activate server not compatible KORD for FS9.
Was FS9 version forgotten in progress of time?

Needless to say, UAC is off, Firewall is off, antivirussoftware is deactivated.

Title: Re: Can not activate
Post by: virtuali on October 25, 2019, 01:51:40 PM
At this time, it's not possible to reactivate something under FS9, since Esellerate closed its servers and haven't updated the FS9 software to use the new activation servers.

We are trying to understand how many FS9 users are still left, right now they are a handful so, we are still deciding our options. Making all FS9 products freeware is one of them, for example.