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Title: Install Locking Up **SOLVED**
Post by: mbscjohnp on October 04, 2018, 12:30:28 AM
Had to use System Restore from prior to original install of FSDreamteam.  Re-downloaded and shut down McAfee for 60 minutes and used Administrator for install.  Installed Addon Manager (Addon ManagerX FSX and Addon ManagerX v show installed), and GSX  (GSX v shows installed).  Purchased and installed GSX Level 2 Expansion into FSX only.  Re-downloaded KCLT and KJFK.  Attempted to install both.  KCLT hangs at C:\...\Addon Manager\Sim Objects\Misc\FSDT_KCLT\Model.FSDT_KCLT_DC7\model.cfg    and   KJFK hangs at C:\...\Addon Manager\Sim Objects\Misc\FSDT_KJK_Model.FSDT_hng12\model.cfg  Tried Installing GSX Level 2 Expansion into P3Dv4 and it hangs at ..\FSDT_Baggage Tractor\soundai\soundai.cfg   Task Manager shows "Suspended:  setup uninstall(32bit)(2)".  In FSX, Addon Manager shows KCLT "installed and active", but I am sitting on a blank tarmac that does not convert into a concrete tarmac and no buildings anywhere.  Any suggestions, as there is nothing regarding KCLT or KJFK to uninstall.  Appears that files somewhere have become corrupted.  John

Title: Re: Install Locking Up
Post by: virtuali on October 04, 2018, 08:39:45 AM
There's nothing wrong with the KCLT installer. The installer has a checksum so, if you got a bad download, it wouldn't even start, because it wouldn't pass the initial checksum.

Yes, it's absolutely normal you won't see any scenery if the installer doesn't complete.

No, it's absolutely NOT normal the installer wouldn't complete, and it's surely not a problem of the installer.

These are the things that *might* cause an installer to hang:

- Not enough space on your Windows temporary folder. Regardless *where* you choose to install into, the installer must first uncompress all its files into the Windows temporary folder so, if your Windows disk doesn't have much space left, the installer will hang, no matter how much space you have on the final destination drive.

- Not enough space on the destination driver. Well, this should be obvious but, better add it, just to be sure.

- Not enough space on your SWAP drive. The installer requires some RAM too and, if you are running many application at once, you might be short on RAM. When you are short on RAM, in addition to the system becoming *A LOT* slower, because it's starting to use the Swap file to get additional ram, if you set the swap file to a fixed maximum size, or you disabled it, or you don't have enough space on the drive the swap file is located on, the swap file won't work, so the installer will stop because it has exhausted all available RAM (real or virtual)

- Antivirus still blocking the installer, even when it LOOKS disabled. Yes, I personally witnessed this on several occasions while doing remote assistance. The antivirus looked to be disabled, but its low-level Windows service was *still* doing its (wrong) job of mistakenly blocking files. Sometimes is not really "blocking" files but, it was so slow, that it looked like the system was hang.

That's why we always say to EXCLUDE the Addon Manager folder from scanning, instead of "disabling" it (which might not always works as expected).

Title: Re: Install Locking Up
Post by: mbscjohnp on October 04, 2018, 09:30:41 PM
Umberto:  You are always a help in these matters.  Thank you.  Your comments caused my old brain to get into gear, trying to determine why this would be happening, since everything I have tried has been "by the book."  Then, while searching for answers on my puter, I recalled another instance of this occurring prior to my System Restore when attempting to first install P3Dv4 and running it and having it "hang up" in the same manner.  "What had my restore changed?"  
Acronis Trueimage 2018 installation had been the culprit of the "hang up" and it had required a second level tech of theirs to locate the problem in their program on my puter and had unchecked a "service" in their program, which correction I had voided during the system restore.  At the time, I had notified P3Dv4 of the solution in their Forum and requested Acronis to correct the problem.
Not recalling which "service" of theirs was the cause, today I simply uninstalled Acronis and everything of FSDreamTeam installed without a problem.  I again contacted Acronis and requested information regarding the "service" to "uncheck" or to correct their program.  Please take note of this situation for future similar installation problems, as, whatever "service" in Acronis is running in the background and causing installation problems.
Thanks again for jogging my brain and mark this SOLVED!  John