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Title: ImagineSim KATL
Post by: Captain Kevin on June 12, 2018, 02:07:19 AM
If anyone's looking for a GSX configuration for ImagineSim's Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, here it is. Pushback options were made to the best of my abilities, though the majority of them were pretty straightforward anyhow (only two or so that were tricky). The pushback options have been clearly marked, so all you have to do is look at the airport chart to figure out which way you need to face. Enjoy.

UPDATE March 15th, 2019: Ground service vehicles have been positioned for all E and F gates. Did not have time to do the rest.

Title: Re: ImagineSim KATL
Post by: X_Man on August 31, 2018, 10:52:16 PM
Thank you!

May your TOs= your Landings

Title: Re: ImagineSim KATL
Post by: DVA12924 on March 14, 2019, 12:03:16 AM
Sorry to bring up an older thread, but this seems to be an incomplete version. There is no jetway info in the ini file nor any position coordinates for the vehicles. I appreciate the upload and it has saved a little time, but positioning the jetways and vehicles is really the meat of updating airports with GSX Level 2. Compare below:

A gate from an update I did for OERK:
[gate 23]
nopassengerstairs = 1
nopassengerbus = 0
ignoreicaoprefixes = 0
ignorepreferredexit = 0
parkingsystem = 10
hasjetway = 1
pushback = 3
pushbacklabels = Nose Right/Tail Left (LEFT)|Nose Left/Tail Right (RIGHT)
maxwingspan = 46.0
radiusleft = 23.0
radiusright = 18.4
loadertype = 3 3 2
airlinecodes =
type = 9
jetway_pos = 24.9623506888747 46.7015115916729 355.127563476562
jetway_simtitle = FSDT_SODE_JW_JBTC_41_20_COOL_GREY
jetway_name = DEFAULT Jetway
jetway_linkedsimobjectsmask = 14
jetway_staticlinkedsimobjectsmask = 1
jetway_logo = FSDT_SODE_JW_JBT_2_5_LOGO_FSDT
jetway_gate_number_text = 23
jetway_gate_number_font_name = Arial
jetway_gate_number_font_size = 36.0
jetway_gate_number_font_color = 240,245,255,255
jetway_gate_number_bg_color = 0,60,125,255
jetway_gate_number_font_weight = 700
jetway_gate_number_font_style = 0
jetway_gate_number_font_stretch = 5
jetway_bridge_simtitle = FSDT_JWB_JBTC_06_cool_grey
usercustomized = 1
baggage_loader_front_pos = 24.9625294805456 46.7011936005927 47.5700073242187
baggage_loader_rear_pos = 24.9625644040038 46.701176774295 47.5700073242187
baggage_train_rear_pos = 24.9624447236203 46.7012734624488 -2.42999267578124
this_parking_pos = 24.9627147704958 46.7013871677727 177.570007324219
jetway_bridge_pos = 24.9623506888747 46.7015115916729 355.127563476562
parkingsystem_stopposition = 24.9626276974695 46.7013912626936

A gate from your uploaded KATL:
[gate b 18]
nopassengerstairs = 1
nopassengerbus = 0
ignoreicaoprefixes = 0
ignorepreferredexit = 0
parkingsystem = 1
hasjetway = 1
pushback = 3
pushbacklabels = Face south on Ramp 2S east line.|Face north on Ramp 2S east line.
maxwingspan = 50.0
radiusleft = 25.0
radiusright = 20.0
loadertype = 3 3 2
airlinecodes = DAL
type = 9
usercustomized = 1

Basically all I have from the this upload is pushbacks updated and airline codes updated but I would still need to spend 10-12 hours adding in the jetways and positioning them and the same for the vehicles.

Does anyone have a COMPLETED version for ImagineSim KATL (high density parking) ini?

Title: Re: ImagineSim KATL
Post by: Captain Kevin on March 16, 2019, 01:57:04 AM
To my defense, at the time that I did this, I could not have foreseen the existence of GSX Level 2 since I posted the configuration in June of 2018, and GSX Level 2 was not released until September of 2018. In any event, ImagineSim already gives you the option to use SODE jetways, so I don't know why you wouldn't just use that. Also a little hard to be able to position the vehicles at every gate when the only airplane I have in P3D V4 is the Boeing 747-400.

Title: Re: ImagineSim KATL
Post by: DVA12924 on March 16, 2019, 02:17:11 AM
I like the GSX SOdE jetways better due to better customization options and ability to edit positioning to better match the aircraft parking there.

That being said, I did finish doing a full update using GSX L2 for IS KATL 2016 high density last night. Itís in no way perfect, but Iíd be happy to share it with the community, with your permission, because it is updated from your original ini file that contains your work on the pushback. I would need to make a few small adjustments before I upload it tho. I set the jetways for a specific aircraft that would park in the spots based on wingspan (12m-14m = CRJ900, 14m-21m = 737-800, etc) (those numbers are a guess because I donít have my data in front of me right now, but the finished product is correct), anyway, I used a A380 for gates of 50m but the jetway I wanted wouldnít match a door on some of the gates so I had to select a different gate. I could easily switch them and test on the 747-400 and upload that file (it likely wonít work with the Project Airbus A380 even with correctly mapped doors and cargos (I can get it to work about half the time). Furthermore, I would need to see about uploading the corrected ADE file associated with the airport because the original had a few duplicate gates (2 A3, 2 A11) and some gates big enough for a 737 size aircraft were assigned to DALX only which could prevent a 737 from parking there despite it being able to fit. Since I made those changes on my copy of the ADE file, GSX will not read the corrected gates properly without the corrected bgl being used. Iím not sure if I can share that file because it is part of the paid download and therefore should be under copyright. I could always just give instructions to make the proper changes.

So if you will give me your permission, Iíll make the jetway changes when I get home from work in about 4 hours and then upload the fully completed ini to the community. (Sorry for the long message)

Title: Re: ImagineSim KATL
Post by: Captain Kevin on March 16, 2019, 05:43:42 AM
Just re-uploaded the original topic with a new configuration file. This one positions the vehicles for the E and F gates. I did not have time to do the remaining gates.

Title: Re: ImagineSim KATL
Post by: ranathane on November 30, 2019, 12:20:54 PM
I completed the ImagineSim KATL default parking spaces in lo-fi. I would recommend disabling the default jetways.bgl because they are scenery not active jetways. This will leave you with blank gates, but if someone out there knows how to exclude just the afcad listed parking spots, that can be solved. Enjoy.

Title: Re: ImagineSim KATL
Post by: micstatic on July 16, 2020, 04:47:39 AM
So wondering now that we haven't talked about this in a while.  What is everybody using for ATL?  I am on the most recent IS ATL for V5.  I'm noticing many of the SODE gates the "default" position is the aircraft too far forward and getting the no gates around message.  So I have to slew the aircraft backwards or customize the parking position.  Just curious what everybody is going.  Thanks.