I have lost my Email receipt, how can I reactivate my product ?

You can retrive a copy of your Serial numbers from the Quick License Manager website here:


Purchase Method

All FSDreamTeam products are distributed as a Try-Before-Buy. You will freely download a Demo version, that will run for about 5 minutes at time (the timer restarts if you exit and enter Flight Simulator so the Demo can be launched an unlimited number of times). The Demo is exactly like the full scenery, but it will only run for a few minutes at time. At the end of the Demo, all main buildings will disappear, and it will be necessary to launch Flight Simulator again, to have another Demo time.

The Demo can be unlocked by purchasing the product, directly inside Flight Simulator. The purchasing method is based on the worldwide market leader Esellerate/Digital River, that supplies the infrastructure for secure connections, Credit Card handling, and bandwidth.

Payment method

It's possible to buy using a Credit Card, compatibile with VISA, Master Card, American Express or JCB circuits, using the integrated buying routine inside Flight Simulator. There's also an alternate buying procedure available that uses a web browser, that allows for PayPal payments as well.

Why this buying method is better for the customer

There are several advantages why this purchasing system is much better for the user. Some of these are:

Product Activation

In order to make the Demo version possible, the product uses an activation system. However, it has been configured on the commerce server in a way that should allow freedom to change/upgrade hardware and suit most of the user's needs.

It's true I'm not free to change hardware by using this purchasing system?

Absolutely not. It's important to understand that the sales system itself doesn't have any knowledge of the publisher's licence terms. Every publisher that uses this system will choose his own license terms independently so, the freedom to change hardware (or the lack of it) varies depending on the publisher. We chose to offer a very liberal licensing policy regarding activations: there are 6 activations available per order, coupled with auto-reclaim every 90 days. This means, in general, that you can change your hardware up to 6 times in a 90 days period, without running into activation issues.

Do I need to be constantly connected to the Internet to check for activation?

Absolutely not. The connection is needed only when you buy the product, or only when an hardware change is detected, so the product needs to verify on the server how many activation you have left. During normal use, the connection is not required.

What are the other functions of the Addon Manager? Could the scenery be programmed in order not to use it?

The Addon Manager has a lot of useful functions, other than managing the Demo and the Selling system. The scenery is programmed to take advantage of it, and couldn't run without it. Some of the Addon Manager's functions are:

Where's the Stand-Alone Addon Manager ?

There's a link to download the latest version of the Stand-Alone Addon Manager on every "Info" page for every product. Whenever you have an issue regarding the Addon Manager, is strongly suggested to install the latest version. There's also a separate Addon Manager page HERE

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