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Who is FSDreamTeam

FSDreamTeam is an association of independent developers, you might probably have heard of in the past years. The brand is owned by VIRTUALI s.a.s, one of the oldest companies in the Flight Simulator Addon market, since it has been founded in 1993, when Flight Simulator was still at version 4.0 and running in Ms-Dos. VIRTUALI is a very well known online retailer in Italy, and a software developer. Over the years, they have developed lots of products, for different versions of MS Flight Simulator, published by different companies like Lago, Justflight, Cloud9, Aerosoft and Microsoft.

Some of the products made by VIRTUALI are:

VIRTUALI also co-developed, together with Cloud9, the folllowing products:

In brief, FSDreamTeam is a new brand of a very well known developer, that decided to return (after 14 years) to direct publishing, in order to offer to all users the best possible developer-customer relationship. By self-publishing, we can listen to user's needs and suggestions more easily than having to relate with a separate entity.

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